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Credit Card payment doesn’t work

I got stuck at the credit card payment screen twice - it’s just not working for any of my cards.

It's hard to lose functionality, but it did.

I used to love the app because it always showed the walking part to the final destination and which side of street for the bus stop. Now it doesn't show the end point of the search on the journey map, just the start and end points of the subway, bus, tram, etc used in the route selection. The map is useless unless you are looking for a major attraction. Google maps doesn't always have the best walking map (sometimes it shows impossible paths unless you can leap tall buildings in a single bound) and shows a straight line for a bus route. Guess I should go old school with a map.

Practically useless

It has potential, all of the components are there, but it just isn’t useful for anything. None of my cards work to pay for tickets, it was slow to even tell me it was failing. It’s route creation is not very optimized, Google maps beats it by a long shot. It wants me to take 1 bus and 3 trains and Google maps can just have me take 2 buses which is way cheaper and still gets me there a minute earlier. I just don’t see a use for the app in its current configuration

Needs work

Honestly, this app is still pretty low on the usefulness scale. Can’t access my SL account, can’t buy tickets in advance, the network disruptions section is rather confusing than helpful and to get correct times and trip info, there are still better apps out there. No lost & found info either. Ask any of your customers for feedback and they’ll tell you exactly what features they would expect from the official SL app.

Absolutely useless

Time inaccurate, can only purchase single journey tickets. Plain trash

Crashes on start

Crashes on start every time. I have the latest OS update. Had to remove and reinstall to fix.


I went into the app to see when the next train left, and it didn't automatically select my nearest location, so I am standing in the cold for 10 minutes. (First world problems). It's been wrong more than once and gives very poor suggestions for routes.

Fairly good app

Would be nice to have some basic features such as, save routes, real time etc. -2 stars because the app has been crashing intermittently ever since iOS 9.x beta started and still now with public release.

Absolute garbage

Doesn't accept any American credit cards. what is the point of submitting this app to the American App Store for use by Americans if Americans cannot use their credit cards? Garbage garbage garbage.

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